Vitamin C


Prevention is better than cure. You might have seen several posts on social media claiming the effect of Vitamin C on COVID-19. All these talks lead to almost the unavailability of Vitamin on eCommerce websites.

Though there are several studies going on about which food is the ideal one to prevent COVID-19, we are discussing here VitaminC and how it helps to improve overall immunity features of the body.

Vitamin C and its effect on immunity

Vitamin especially C is a crucial nutrient for your body with different functions. This is a strong antioxidant that can neutralize toxic compounds in your body.

That was also engaged in a number of biological mechanisms, often related to immune function. this is highly effectively improved immunity which helps to prevent most of the disease.

It is an antioxidant important in collagen and carnitine development and is central to our immune system. It has many benefits for the immune system. The antioxidant activity can reduce inflammation and thus improve the immune system.

This also helps to increase collagen development and to prevent harmful compounds from reaching the body by allowing the skin to act as a barrier.

This Vitamin is also involved in hormone development such as neurophrine and vasopressin, which play a vital role in reacting to an infection in our respiratory system.

Sources of vitamin C

Raw fruits and vegetables typically contain Vitamin C higher than cooked. Fruits typically have more Vitamin especially VitaminC than vegetables. There are several fruits and vegetables which are high on Vitamin-C like Red capsicum, Grapefruit, Orange juice, Kiwifruit, Broccoli, Strawberries, Orange, Sweet potato, Tomato, Cantaloupe, Cauliflower, Silverbeet, etc.

Experts recommend a diet that provides VitaminC with 100-200mg / day to satisfy the general needs of a healthy person

Vitamin C supplements

People who do not eat fruit or vegetables on most days of the week, Individuals with eating disorders, Older people with a poor diet, People who have too much iron in their blood can consider taking VitaminC supplements. VitaminC supplements help alleviate colds caused by many viruses by reducing duration and severity

There are many Vitamin C supplements like NUTRILITE Natural C which are available in the market which people can take for VitaminC deficiency.

Amway Vitamin C Tablets box

Vitamin C dissolves in water and is not retained in your body in large amounts, but is instead released via urine. Getting more Vitamin C does not mean that the body consumes more

Many Vitamin C supplements contain synthetic vitamin, developed by a variety of processes in a laboratory. This is the smartest way to manufacture the vitamin. But synthetic supplements are not as effective at remediating a deficiency as other sources of vitamins.

Final words

COVID-19 patients are given Vitamin C in the hospital to increase their immunity not because it is going to cure COVID. Broad doses of Vitamin known as mega doses are associated with immune improvement and injury cures. Almost all of us want to improve immunity so that our bodies can fight with COVID-19. It has effective in that way as it helps to develop the internal immunity system to protect the body from any kind of external attack of viruses. As a preferred source, try out fresh fruits and vegetables for regular intake of C. Have a safe and healthy life.

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